Nutrition / Weight Management


Nutrition is one of the key components of an optimal health. At the Back to Motion, we take into consideration every aspects of health that may help our clients and patients achieve their optimal health and general wellbeing. This is why we have partnered with the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition (CAASN) to offer nutritional services .
Nutritional services offered at the Back to Motion via CAASN includes:
1) bariatric nutrition (weight loss),
2) fitness nutrition (dietary changes for regular gym goers and recreational exercisers),
3) sports nutrition (applying nutrition and diet to sports to achieve an optimal athletic performance, manipulate the energy systems in the body in favor of a peak athletic performance, and accelerate exercise recovery) and
4) medicinal nutrition (applying dietary changes and food supplementation in medical conditions to promote healing process and support the body).


At Back to Motion we treat variety range of pain and dysfunctions from back pain, neck pain to migraine, tension headaches, and foot pain. Our team of health professionals work together to create a custom tailored treatment plan to get you back to your optimal health. At Back to Motion we strive to ease your pain and rehabilitate your injuries to get you back to your normal routines and daily activities. Our team includes Chiropractors, Manual Osteopaths, Chiropodist, Nutrition Specialist, Physiotherapy and Massage Therapists.

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