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These recent statistics by WSIB are worth review

The leading causes of injury in people in their working years are musculoskeletal conditions.

The following may help you better understand the common sources of muscle pain. The clinical disorders can be classified into two main categories, articular and nonarticular. Articular disorders involve varying degrees of inflammation and progressive injury to joints and Non-articular disorders primarily affect soft tissues. These types of issues respond very quickly to manual osteopathic treatments usually with 2-5 sessions depending on severity.

Articular issues typically include: Joint dysfunctions that are characterized by pain-limiting an active range of motion and by limited passive joint mobility, Common examples include mechanical low back pain caused by misalignment in the joints. Soft Tissue disorders typically include tender points and triggers points you'll notice when areas of your body are touched they elicit either discomfort or outright pain.

These type of issue are easily resolvable

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