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Hip flexion range of motion

We all remember our old friend the protractor... You already know this is gong to be fun.

In a recent study that was aimed at hip flexion range of motion with complaints of discomfort and or varying levels of pain in acts of daily living (ADL) such as dressing, picking up objects, and crouching. The study found that in the 15 ADL tested the average maximum hip flexion angle exceeded 80° and range of motion in those activities when under that amount all reported varying levels of sensitivities.

So if your experiencing some issue in any of those tasks or in any task where you are using your leg then it's time for a tune up.

A healthy degree of hip flexion should be over 110° with this range you can climb a mountain, throw a frisbee and do pretty much what you want without to much to be apprehensive about.

Manual Osteopathy can create an enduring improvement in range of motion but I wont put down a number " like you'll get 50 degrees of improvement in one session" of course that's in the realm of potential but each body is a unique body so approaching is done on a case by case basis as a 5 degree improvement can change a persons life. I used to do a lot of volunteer work doing rehab exercise training with a MS and Stroke program and small changes can be a big deal.

See your manual Osteopathy and if your in the gta im offering treatments at my clinic

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