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How much of your day is spent looking down for your job?

In this recent study examining neck flexion pain in 1334 workers from 34 companies with follow up interviews done once a year for 3 years found the following:

95% of the workers who spent the majority's of their working day with their neck at a minimum of 20 degrees of flexion for more than 70% of their working day over the duration of the study reported an episode of neck pain with varying severity lasting from 3 weeks - 3 months at least once a year.

With this piece of information you can act in 2 ways to remedy, prevent then independently reverse the impacts that your working life has on the rest of your life.

Enter the E.L.D.O.A these highly specifc stretches Ive seen time and time again remedy this common pain.

Enter Manual Osteopathy this highly effective form of manual therapy in combination with a homework exercise of eldoa again I've personally seen the return to a pain free life it offers people How to make your decision about which to use?

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