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Hill Pain

Most of women complain about pain while wearing high-heels at work, school, and parties. Those who wear high heels daily can face foot conditions causing pain not only in feet, but also in knees and lower back. Numbness of the toes is usually linked with tingling.

One of the most common causes of toe numbness is compression of the nerves of the foot wearing high-heels. Poor circulation to the foot, irritation of nerves in the foot, bunions, nerve damage (neuropathy) or injury to the foot are reasons that numbness to the toe can occur.
Manual Osteopaths consider the body to perform better when it is in proper alignment.

Regular stretching of the plantar fascia and calves will release and loosen hamstrings and work to ease back pain from high heels. Treatment by an Osteopath includes soft tissue techniques, lifestyle advice and exercises.