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Shoulder Shrug is a good exercise developing strength in shoulders, neck and trapezius muscles.

How to do Shrug properly:
1. Stand straight with a good posture hip-width apart
2. Lift your chest and inhale (keeping arms straight), shrug shoulders (upward direction) towards ears.

Summer is finally here and we all want to get out to enjoy the lovely weather . As we are engaged in physical activity everyday specially these days, ankle injuries are among the most common problems that might occur to any of us during:

Are you suffering from pain in your lower back? Does it shoot down your legs? Do you have herniated disc or piriformis syndrome? You might be suffering from Sciatica…

Most of women complain about pain while wearing high-heels at work, school, and parties. Those who wear high heels daily can face foot conditions causing pain not only in feet, but also in knees and lower back. Numbness of the toes is usually linked with tingling.

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